Putting his own fears aside, Roy encourages a scared Hayley to attend Jane’s funeral. At the wake, Roy finds the tragic situation tougher than he’d ever imagined, but after Jeff confides in Roy that he lied to Jane about his religious beliefs to keep her happy in her final days, the words resonate with Roy. When Hayley asks him for an answer, Roy tells her that he will support her decision to commit suicide.

With an increasing workload, Peter faces up to the perils of modern parenting and encourages an apprehensive Simon to play with Grace and Faye. But a malicious Grace takes advantage of Simon.

Tina finds sponging David’s presence in the flat increasingly irritating. She later tells David he has no chance of winning Kylie back unless he bucks up his ideas and finds a job.

Also, Eileen hopes to persuade Steve to give a disheartened Todd a job.