Roy offers Cathy a job in the cafe

Realising that Cathy needs £30 to pay her allotment dues, Roy offers to pay them for her, but Cathy won’t hear of it. Roy suggests she helps out in the cafe in return for the money, and Cathy agrees.

Tony’s on tenterhooks as he tries to placate Tracy after Carla bought Liz’s half of the Rovers. Oblivious to the drama Steve and Michelle happily make plans for their big day, agreeing their marriage tomorrow is forever.

Nick hosts a family party in the bistro and raises a toast to Erica and the baby. As Gail makes snide remarks, David becomes drunk and maudlin and rows with Andy.

Sophie and Maddie discuss where they’re going to live. Alya tells Izzy and Sinead her plans to set up her own designer lingerie business.