Roy returns to chaos at the cafe! (VIDEO)

As Beth produces another bottle of ouzo, Mary struggles to control the raucous diners. Arriving back from the States early, having left Hayley to look after Sylvia who’s had a fall, Roy’s horrified to walk into the drunken mess. Furious, Roy orders everyone out and lets rip at Mary. He’s incredulous when a licensing officer then shows up claiming he has reason to believe they’ve been selling alcohol illegally.

As Sophie lies unconscious and the driver of the car calls an ambulance, Ryan runs off. Kevin gets a call and races to the hospital where he keeps a vigil at Sophie’s bedside. Kevin’s shocked to hear that a young man was with Sophie when she was hit by the car. Then he’s told Sophie has suffered a spinal injury and may never walk again!

Tommy’s quiet in the pub when Gary effusive about what he and Tina are doing for him and Izzy. Later, when he joins Gary and Owen for a game of darts Tommy can’t bare hearing any more about the surrogacy.

Also, Emily spies Gloria heading off with Lewis to the dogs and later susses that Audrey hasn’t a clue about it, and Maria organises an awkward foursome night in with Jason, Marcus and Aiden.