Roy scatters Hayley’s ashes

Clutching Hayley’s ashes, Roy leads Tyrone and Chesney to the boating lake explaining it’s the place where he and Hayley had their first ever kiss.

Callum gets a call from Macca warning him that the police are looking for him. Finding the door open, Callum lets himself into No 8. Shocked, David demands he gets out, but Callum gets him in an arm-lock and tells him he’s not going anywhere.

Liz hides the remote and suggests Steve does an hour behind the bar, but as he heads into the pub, he suddenly finds himself unable to cope and turns on his heel. Meanwhile, Liz has a go at Michelle for seeing Hamish, as Michelle claims she only went out with Hamish as he made her feel wanted.

Michael is led into the operating theatre as Gail waits nervously for news. Maddie steals the newspaper poster from outside the Kabin and Norris confides in Mary that he’s worried about his memory. When Maddie finds out that Norris fears for his own sanity, she feels terrible. Audrey spots Faye skiving in town.