Roy struggles to be Hayley’s pillar

As Hayley is prepared for theatre the consultant explains that if the operation is successful she’ll wake in the high dependency unit, but if the surgery proves unsuccessful she’ll be brought back to the ward. Hayley attempts a brave face as Roy tries to remain strong. But as Roy waits for news he’s fraught with nerves, especially when the consultant arrives to talk to them.

When Kirk spots Craig leaving Rob and Tracy’s shop with a video game Beth presumes he’s stolen it and confronts him. Backed into a corner Craig blurts out that Karl gave him the money. As Beth storms into the Rovers asking Karl why he’s giving her son money, an equally perplexed Jason and Dev watch on as they gather evidence against Karl.

Peter tries to buoy the spirits of the staff as they wait for news of Hayley’s operation. Michelle’s annoyed as it’s clear Peter’s a big hit on the factory floor.

Also, Chesney convinces Sinead to meet him for lunch where he pleads for forgivenness, insisting Katy is his past and she’s his future. Sinead agrees to put her heart on the line for Chesney again; Leanne offers to throw a surprise wedding reception at the bistro for Stella.