Roy is numb as he squeezes Hayley’s lifeless hand. Carla puts two and two together when Anna removes the empty glass by Hayley’s bed and knowing the truth behind Hayley’s death, both are left on edge when the doctor calls round. As the news spreads, the residents are left devastated by the loss of a loved friend and Fiz is inconsolable. As the undertaker removes Hayley’s body, Roy loses control and breaks down, unable to cope with the realisation that the woman he loves has gone forever.

Nick goes to great lengths to spoil Leanne.  He runs her a bath and cooks her a lovely meal and Leanne tries her hardest to be enthusiastic. But when Nick kisses Leanne, hoping for something more passionate, he is left disappointed.

Sophie approaches Maddie in the soup kitchen and quizzes her about Sally’s watch. When Maddie tells her she’ll return the watch in exchange for £50, Sophie’s shocked.

Also, Gloria causes ructions between Rita and Dennis.