Roy teaches Tony a lesson

Tony is calm when he meets the environmental inspector at the building site and its clear that he’s already taken care of the matter. Having searched the site, the inspector informs Tony that he’s failed to find any bats, but is suspicious that they may have been removed. When news reaches Roy he’s furious that the bats may have been harmed and he storms over the street to confront him. Tony orders him off the site but Roy stands him ground.

Darryl wakes up with a terrible hangover and no memory of events the night before. Mel reminds him he handed in his notice, but he decides to tell Jerry that his resignation stands. Jerry forces Darryl back behind the counter to start his shift but when Lauren winds him up about being tied to the kebab shop, he quits for real.

Michelle is pleased that the cracks in her relationship with Ryan seem to be healing. When Michelle reveals Alex wants to meet her again Ryan assures her it’s all right, although he declines when Michelle asks him to join them.

Also, Marcus is irritated when Lauren tries to persuade Sean to go away with her for a few days.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Roy is still refusing to budge from the building site and as Tony continues to mock him Roy becomes even more furious and bans him from the cafe. Jason reassures Roy that the bats were unharmed and Roy realises he’s the culprit. A worried Jason tells Bill that Roy knows the truth. Roy vows to teach Tony a lesson and Becky and Ken help him move Hayley’s Morris Traveller to block the entrance to the building site, in order to cause maximum disruption.

David sees the Barlows when he posts a letter to Tina and he is genuinely apologetic about everything that has happened. David seems sincerely remorseful and it appears that a spell in prison could change him for the better.

Darryl refuses to return to go back to work in the kebab shop despite Jerry’s pleas. Mel assures him he’ll change his mind soon, but Jerry is adamant and declares that Darryl has had his chance and he won’t reinstate him.

Also, Lauren gets the sack from the pub for wilful absenteeism when she announces she’s going on holiday with Sean; Liz grows weary of Vernon when he offers to pay for the smoking shelter with his gambling winnings.