Roy tells Fiz that Hayley took her own life

Roy admits to a devastated Fiz that Hayley took her own life. Full of fury that Roy never told her of Hayley’s plans, she condemns Roy and Anna for lying to her. Carla later comforts Fiz, reminding her that Roy needs her support. It’s clear Fiz will have to forgive Roy to move on.

After Leanne tried to halt Nick’s slide into despair, Kal advises Nick that it’s possible to move on from a marriage, but Nick coldly points out that Kal’s wife died whereas Leanne is still alive. Hurt, Kal leaves Nick to wallow. Stella feels a twinge of attraction as she serves Kal in the Bistro, but Kal has his eye on another…

Maddie commends Sophie on her detective work and makes Sophie blush when she remarks on how pretty she is. Sophie reveals to Steph that Maddie broke into No 4 and they tease Tim by picking holes in his story in front of an oblivious Sally. 

Also, Beth tries to cook a meal, but realises she’s no domestic goddess and resolves to get her job back.