Roy is forced to reveal the truth about Carla’s illness when she collapses in the Rovers

Carla forces Roy’s hand when he realises just how ill she really is...

Aidan and Kate both discover they are a match for Carla and Aidan insists he will be her donor. Meanwhile, after being discovered by Ken at the flat, Carla and Daniel head to the Rovers for a drink where Carla collapses – Peter thinks she is drunk but a horrified Roy reveals she is seriously ill.

Zeedan tells Robert that he and Rana are giving their marriage another go and he will come back to work but Robert has to sack Kate. When Robert refuses, Zeedan asks Rana’s parents for more money as he has lost his job. Yasmeen is shocked when Leanne confides in her about Rana’s affair and the deal with her parents.

A tearful Gemma arrives at work to be comforted by Chesney. When she leaves, Henry comes looking for her – Chesney sees red and punches him!

Gary and Steph arrange to meet to discuss Phelan. Adam orders more drugs for Billy. Michelle and Gina are touched by the support of their men.

First episode of the evening.