Ruby is stunned after Xavier has revealed he was lying about his amnesia. Geoff finds her upset and Ruby confesses she broke up with Xavier for Geoff. When Xavier hears from Colleen about Ruby’s illness, he apologises but it’s too late. Geoff doesn’t want to talk about their feelings, and Ruby worries it’s because she’s sick. He assures her that doesn’t make a difference, and they kiss.

Martha’s dislike for John and his snide attitude is apparent on election day. Gina’s pleasantries with John only serve to infuriate Martha. Colleen tells her that she’s heard unofficially that Martha has won, only to have John arrive and tell them he has won. Martha is disappointed and the family console her, a sight which gets to John, who has no one to congratulate him.

Xavier and Romeo take their mind off their troubles by agreeing to go to a party with two local schoolgirls. They go to a derelict house and after a bit of scare tactics from the girls, things get genuinely spooky and the girls leave, too scared to stay. Romeo and Xavier press on, looking for the source of the noises in the house, only to find a little boy under a blanket.