Ruby and Romeo get it on!

Ruby is torn between Romeo and Casey. She asks Casey why Romeo told her to stay away from him. And when she later witnesses a fight between Romeo and Casey, she begins to wonder if it could be about her. But later, Ruby’s hopes are dashed when Nicole reveals to her that Indi plans to sleep with Romeo. When she speaks to Romeo later, she tells him how she feels. Romeo still believes Indi is about to break up with him, so starts passionately kissing Ruby.

Bianca overhears Liam singing a song about a high-maintenance woman. Realising that he will be busy singing all evening, she decides to spend a night with the girls. While on the night out, Nicole reveals that Liam was writing a song about her back when they were dating and Bianca realises it is the same song.

Indi reveals to Nicole that tonight she plans to sleep with Romeo for the first time. As Indi prepares for the evening, she leaves cryptic clues for Romeo. But he mistakes them for hints that Indi is going to break up with him.

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