Ruby, full of new appreciation for Xavier, asks him if they can spend the day together. They take the day off school and go to Martha’s farm, where Ruby asks Xavier to sleep with her. They have sex, but are busted afterwards in bed together by Ross, Morag, Martha and Hugo, who are visiting the farm. Ross goes berserk and attacks Xavier. Ross then apologises for being so quick to judge.

Nicole arrives at the uni party and starts drinking heavily. The police arrive and Nicole ends up throwing up on the shoes of Constable Watson.

Geoff brings Nicole home. Sid is frustrated Indi lied to him again but the two of them end up having an honest chat. Nicole goes to visit the hospital to get something for her feeling of numbness. But the doctor on call turns out to be Sid and an embarrassed Nicole runs away.

Charlie is anxious that Angelo hasn’t called, something that Morag notices. But Angelo feels he can’t call her. Charlie runs into him at the Diner and he promises to come round and talk to her later that day. Angelo arrives and tells Charlie that he loves her, but he’s not sure she’ll ever feel the same way. So he breaks up with her.

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