Ruby begins to doubt Charlie

Charlie is horrified to see Grant, and tries to protect Ruby from him. But Grant cons Leah into giving him Charlie’s phone number. When Grant calls, Ruby answers. He wants to tell her his side of the story. Ruby, curious, meets him. Grant says he did pressure Charlie into sex, but it was consensual and that Charlie embellished the story. Charlie arrives with Angelo and Angelo warns Grant off. Ruby doubts Charlie’s story.

Indi can’t forgive Sid for kissing Nicole. Her face is badly cut, and Sid calls in a plastic surgeon. He can’t promise she won’t have permanent scarring. Jody knows who’s to blame.

Dexter goes to see Annie and tells her about Indi. Annie is instantly forgiving, and takes him in her arms. Jody decides that the experiment of Indi and Dexter living with Sid hasn’t worked, and that the kids should live with her. Annie and Dexter are horrified to hear that and Dexter tells his mum that he wants to stay in the Bay.

Indi draws Dexter aside and tells him why she went out partying last night. Dexter is disgusted to hear Nicole and Sid kissed and Dexter agrees with Indi that he can’t stay with Sid. Dexter tells Annie he’s leaving. She’s devastated.

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