Ruby desperately wants to find her father, and confides this to Geoff rather than Xavier. Geoff and Ruby arrive back in town. Geoff admits to Ruby that he’s struggling with the idea of doing his HSC. Charlie is aware the gulf between her and Ruby is as wide as ever but Leah is encouraging. Ruby goes through Charlie’s old yearbook to find a picture of her father.

Meanwhile, Morag is struggling with the suggestion that Ross be put in a home. But when he has a memory loss episode with Leah, it’s Ross himself who insists he go. Morag agrees, despite protests from Charlie and Ruby. Ross says goodbye to everyone.

Nicole realises Aden has been avoiding her. Aden has been keeping to himself, looking at photos of Belle. She gets a birthday card from her father telling her the house is now in her name. She tells Aden this and he leaves the house. Alf tries to reach out to Aden but he knocks him back and Aden ends up sleeping on the beach.

Nicole and Indi see Sid flirt with a nurse, which annoys Indi. Nicole sees Sid with Therese later and gets jealous, although she lies about Therese on Sid’s behalf to Indi.

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