Ruby confronts Grant!

Indi is furious after seeing Sid and Nicole kiss and goes to uni student Rob’s place. As they get drunk and smoke joints, Indi gets wasted and crashes through a glass coffee table. Indi refuses to go to hospital, but in the morning Rob realises how badly injured she is, and drops her at A&E.

Sid is humiliated when Indi won’t let him treat her. Nicole goes to the hospital but Sid forbids her from seeing Indi. When Indi’s distraught mum arrives, Sid and Nicole must face the music.

Charlie feels that things with Ruby are improving, now that Ruby knows Charlie’s her mother not her sister. Charlie goes to see Ruby, but Geoff tells her Ruby’s gone to visit Ross. Charlie’s suspicious – has Ruby gone to find her biological father, Grant?

Ruby IS at Grant’s. She pretends to be a student looking for baby-sitting work, and Grant’s wife Tracey invites her in. Grant comes home and after a while, Ruby gets resentful. She confronts Grant, telling Tracey what Grant did to Charlie when she was 14. Tracey throws Ruby out and Grant follows her. Ruby is relieved to find Charlie driving around looking for her and they go home. But later there’s a knock on the door. It’s Grant.

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