Ruby confronts Indi about Romeo’s loan

Indi is stunned when a furious Ruby tells her that the money Romeo lent her was hers. Realising he was wrong to lend the money without telling Ruby, Romeo promises to stick by her, though Ruby’s still insecure about where his affections lie and pleads with Indi to leave her boyfriend alone.

Worried about Hayley’s relationship with Heath, Liam gives her an ultimatum – stop working for Heath or it’s over between them. But Hayley explains that she needs the work to get her career back on track, something that will help her stay clean. Liam realises he doesn’t have the right to ask her to stop working and reassures her he’ll stand by her and keep an eye on Heath.

Meanwhile, Heath visits the jail again and can see his father’s not going to help himself to get out on parole. Hayley, however, discovers that there’s a discrepancy in the legal case that put the older Braxton away. Can she bring about an early release?