Joey and Charlie kiss after their first night together. Unbeknown to them, Ruby’s watching. Later at school, she runs out of class, much to Jai’s concern. She confronts Charlie – why is she now attracted to a woman? Charlie says she doesn’t know, but she’s in love with Joey.

Jai is confused about the relationship but accepting. Ruby thinks Charlie’s been damaged by her relationship with Roman. Joey is consoling an upset Charlie and goes to kiss her when Ruby arrives. She needs to know – are they really a couple? Charlie says yes – but is she ready to come out to Summer Bay?

Miles and Kirsty are stressed about Miles’s alleged assault of Trey. Before the investigation, an audacious John Palmer comes to The Diner. Trey is also full of confidence.

Bartlett tells Miles that if he’s found guilty, he’ll be dismissed. Miles tells Kirsty he has trouble with authority and worries he will mess up the interview. A fight breaks out between Jai and Trey. John accuses Miles of encouraging Jai to intimidate Trey.

Alf finds out that Duncan is getting married in America, so he’s heading off. Colleen’s worried about how she’ll cope but Alf’s already thought of that and has called in a helping hand: Pippa!

*Showing on RTE One, Friday May 8*

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