Charlie receives a full police funeral. Ruby and all of Charlie’s friends and colleagues gather at the church to say their last goodbyes. Everyone, that is, except Brax. He is struggling to cope with what’s happened and hits the bottle.

Liam and Bianca try to get him to join them but he is too distraught. Eventually, Brax arrives at Leah’s house for the wake. He blurts out a few things he will later regret. It falls to Ruby to take him to task. He leaves and goes to the beach to be alone.

Ruby decides that despite losing Charlie, she will go to the city anyway. She’s stunned, then, to learn that Casey has decided to stay in Summer Bay with his brother. He manages to talk Ruby round and she tells Casey she understands his decision.

Sasha is nervous and vulnerable after her abusive relationship with Stu. Some kids hassle her at the Diner and Xavier comes to her defence. They share a moment for the first time and it looks like a new friendship is being forged.