Charlie’s in a pickle when Ruby wants to visit the grave of her nephew, Charlie’s baby. Charlie doesn’t want to tell her the truth about the adoption, though Angelo says she should. However, on hearing that Morag knows about it, Charlie admits the child is alive and a delighted Ruby declares they should try and trace him. Under pressure, Charlie finally comes clean, revealing it was Ruby’s parents who adopted her baby girl!

Nicole visits a grief-stricken Aden and finds him in a bad way, the apartment is a mess and he wants to be left alone. Nicole asks Morag to visit him but he throws her out too and then goes to the beach and burns all the presents friends have given him.

Nicole finds release in Liam and his drugs. She spends the night with him, but wakes to find he’s run off. Not wanting Miles to find out what she’s done she asks Indigo to pretend that she stayed the night at her place. Sid doesn’t want to go along with the lie but then Miles phones him to thank him for having Nicole and he has to dance around the truth. Nicole’s grateful to Sid; does she find herself attracted to him?

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