Casey decides to go back to school and get his HSC but Ruby isn’t impressed, arguing that he should have never quit in the first place. Casey is persistent though and begs Ruby for a second chance. Eventually she relents.

Brax and Charlie are interrogated by the police, in the wake of Hammer’s shooting. The ensuing investigation leads to Charlie being suspended… and her affair with Brax becoming public knowledge. Meanwhile, the police have discovered evidence linking Brax to the fire, and serve him a warrant to search his house. A distressed Charlie decides to leave Summer Bay until things cool down.

Bianca bumps into Heath and a despondent Darcy at The Diner. She encourages Heath to take Darcy to a counsellor but Heath isn’t so sure. After a testing day with a glum and non-responsive Darcy, however, Heath sees Bianca again and takes the counsellor’s number.

Harvey continues to court Roo, delivering bouquet after bouquet of flowers until she finally agrees to join him for dinner.