Ruby doesn’t want people to know about her diabetes. After working all night on an assignment, she prints out the wrong draft. Miles lets her go home at lunchtime to get the final version. Lack of sleep and food sends her into hypoglycaemia and she slurs her speech like a drunk. Miles gets some sugar into her and takes her to hospital. Geoff supports her and Ruby realises she must get over her fear of people knowing.

VJ is becoming a handful. He feigns illness to get out of school. Miles is driving Ruby home from the hospital when a kid throws a water bomb and Miles swerves. The kid scarpers and Miles gives chase, but can’t catch him. Later, Miles recognises something on VJ’s bag. Leah’s horrified when it becomes clear that VJ threw the water bomb.

Aden thinks Liam’s a slob. When Liam gives music lessons from home, it’s the last straw. Aden tells Nicole she can stick her apartment. But he finds out that the Council are cancelling two berths at the marina, and one of them is for Irene’s trawler. Aden’s job will go with the lost berth, and he’s forced to ask Nicole if he can stay, at mates’ rates.

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