Ruby is besotted with Xavier

Ruby is completely besotted with Xavier and reckons he is the big love of her life, much to Charlie’s amusement. Little does she know that he is also a drug dealer. Ruby is so caught up in her new crush she completely forgets what a big day it is for Charlie – it is the day Charlie will find out that she has been promoted to Acting Chief of Station.

Angelo is distraught after his thwarted attempt to bring the developers down ended in tragedy for Nobby and death threats to Angelo. Belle arrives at Angelo’s house to find him with gun in hand, freaking out that Tim has sent someone to kill him. When a hitman does arrive, Jack turns up in the nick of time and jumps the hitman. At the station, Charlie finds a link between Tim, Nobby and the hitman – it’s enough to freeze development at the site and seize the computers.

Despite this victory, Angelo isn’t relieved as Tim has done a runner and who knows what could still be in store for him. Has he bitten off a lot more than he can chew?

*Showing on RTE One, Wednesday January 28*

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