Ruby is rushed to hospital

Pregnant Ruby tells Sean and Amelia about the baby, and is thrilled to see how excited her stepchildren are. But her joy doesn’t last long. Later, in the cafe, she’s gripped by terrible stomach pains. Bob urges Ruby to go to hospital where she and Ali wait nervously for a diagnosis.

Val’s still reeling from the bombshell that former lover Ian has dropped on her. Not feeling as if she can turn to anyone, she meets up with him to discuss his HIV. As Ian reveals he’s told his family about his affairs, he urges Val to take a test to find out whether she’s contracted the disease from him.

The police continue with their questions about Sam’s jumper – but Sam is staying calm. He’s confident they won’t find anything on it to incriminate him in the Home Farm arson case. But Rachel’s not so sure and shares her suspicions with Lisa that Charity and Declan are trying to frame her fiance.