Ruby is tempted to steal

*First episode*

A few weeks ago, Ruby found a tin of cash in the home of William, the elderly gentleman she looks after, and was tempted to steal it but soon thought better of it. When she returns to William’s home to celebrate his birthday with Ali and his son Seb, Ruby discovers the wad of notes is still there. After all the arguing with Ali about their struggle to have a baby, the money could be a solution to their problems. But will she give in to temptation this time?

As Jai becomes increasingly wound up by Charity’s scheming, Megan attempts to take his mind of things with a bottle of Declan’s finest whisky and as they enjoy time alone together there’s an obvious chemistry between the pair.

Zak’s noticed that something’s up with Belle, so he visits Dom to express his concerns. Dom suggests scattering Gemma’s ashes might help Belle come to terms with her friend’s death, but the idea of it just fills the teenager with dread. Meanwhile, Lisa’s worried Belle may be on the verge of revealing all to her father…