Bianca, upon finding a drunken Ruby at Liam’s, has a go at him. He explains he was only trying to help. But it’s not good enough for Bianca – she tells him it’s too risky having Ruby around him. He’s a teacher at her school, after all. Liam walks Ruby to Charlie’s and on the way, she makes a shocking confession. Liam tells Charlie about Ruby’s drinking and Ruby breaks down. Charlie agrees to support Ruby and asks reformed alcoholic Irene what to do.

Miles gives Romeo a pep talk before his big night with Indi. He suggests the fact they’re having trouble talking about sleeping together might mean they’re not ready. The night begins slowly and the young couple watch a movie. Romeo suggests they try talking about it, but Indi just plants a kiss on his lips.

Charlie decides against loaning Paulie the money that Xavier got from Hugo – it’s too risky. Paulie asks the loan sharks for an extension and their response is brutal.

Alf gives Bianca’s missing phone to Liam after it was handed in at Angelo’s. It rings and Liam answers, thinking it’s Bianca. But it’s Bianca’s ex, Vittorio, saying he’s arriving in the bay… in two days.

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