Angelo admits to Charlie that he needs to open on time because he doesn’t want to taint the Rosetta name by opening a restaurant that fails. Ruby’s stressed about their upcoming gig and snaps at Liam. Nicole approaches and Ruby admits that she loves Liam. She decides to talk to him about it. But instead she kisses him.

Dex continues to hide his crush on Marilyn but flirts with her at the same time. His dad just puts it down to Dex being weird, as usual.

Romeo clarifies to Indi that they are just friends. Indi covers her true feelings and wholeheartedly agrees with him. He admits he’s still getting over Annie and not sure he can put himself out there again.

But later, during a game of 20 questions, Romeo asks Indi if she likes him more than a friend. Indi puts the same question back to him – neither of them answer but both share a hopeful smile.

Sid tells Marilyn that Penn lied about him fancying Nicole. Sid asks Penn why he lied. Penn lies again, admitting he thinks Nicole has a crush on Sid too, and by bringing it out in the open it forces the truth to come to light.

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