Ruby moves home – but not for long…

Ruby has moved back in with Charlie but is hostile towards her and wants her to tell people about Grant’s confession. Charlie agrees to tell Angelo and Ross. Angelo is extremely upset by the news but Charlie asks that he do nothing and wait. Ruby admits she is pained by the story behind her conception. Charlie and Ruby are going to tell Ross about Grant, but Morag convinces them not to. They agree to this, but Ruby is reluctant, and is so angry she says she is moving back in with Irene.

Sid orders Nicole out of his pool, making her feel rejected. Annie witnesses this and tells Irene. Irene encourages her to tell Miles and Kirsty. Sid realises things are getting out of control. He tries to tell Miles but can’t get through to him.

Irene tells Miles what Annie saw, and Miles tells Kirsty. Irene sees Nicole upset at the Diner and is worried when she sees her make a phone call to someone. Miles goes around to see Sid and accuses him of taking advantage of Nicole. He pushes Sid in the pool.

Kirsty is not excited about her upcoming ultrasound although Miles is. And Miles notices that Bartlett is distracted about something although he won’t say what.