Ruby receives some of Charlie’s possessions and is overwhelmed with grief. She throws them out, distraught. Roo then finds the things and, believing she is helping a grieving Ruby, decides to rescue them from the rubbish. Ruby is livid and rejects the help that everyone around her is offering.

Casey’s friend from juvenile detention, Tyler, shows up. He’s invited to stay, although Casey’s a bit apprehensive about having Tyler around. And with good reason – it looks like the lad is in Summer Bay looking for some mischief.

Harvey then causes more drama for Roo by offering her a new job opportunity on a project he’s working on.

Leah receives a gift that Charlie had planned to give her – perfume. Leah wears the perfume but when Brax recognises the scent he sees red and tells her she can’t replace Charlie. Leah is devastated.