Charlie is concerned about Ruby as no one has heard from her since she left with Geoff. Ruby, desperate to know why Charlie abandoned her as a child, arrives at her Aunty Michelle’s place, the same place Charlie went after she had Ruby. Michelle tries to help her understand and they talk about what Charlie went through. Ruby now starts to feel that she understands Charlie better. Geoff finds a confidant in Aunty Michelle as she helps him rediscover his faith.

When news comes through about Ruby’s arrival at Aunty Michelle’s, Charlie is both relieved and worried. Meanwhile, Ross fears that Charlie is withdrawing from him. When he confronts her, she reveals that she blames him for not charging her rapist. On his way home, disorientated and confused, Ross collapses on the beach at the water’s edge.

Leah sympathizes with Miles, especially when Kirsty asks to get out of her shift at the Diner because of her assignment. Alf warns Kirsty that if Miles is left to pick up all the slack, he could end up becoming very resentful. Seeing Miles with Leah spurs Kirsty on to clean up the house and give Miles some TLC when he arrives home.

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