Ruby, following her fight with Leah over Brax’s debt, decides to rent out a van at the caravan park to get some space. She’s clearly going through a very tough time and makes every effort to shut out anyone who tries to help her.

Dex babysits Dallas’s son, William. He gives him a chocolate bar, but doesn’t know that William is extremely allergic. He has a deadly reaction. Sid calmly handles the situation and as Dex sees his dad in full doctor mode, it brings up their conflict again over Dex’s refusal to study medicine.

Dex has a chat with Dallas and begins to understand what Sid’s real issue is. Finally, Sid explains that he just wants Dex to be happy. So with his dad’s support, Dex decides to stick with nursing.

Alf is gearing up for the election the next day. He takes a group of friends to dinner at Angelo’s to thank them for their efforts in supporting his campaign. But despite some last-minute efforts from the Stewart Campaign, Alf loses the election.