Ruby snaps

Romeo and Indi are having fun together, but Romeo still feels guilty about sleeping with Ruby. When Indi hears what Ruby’s been getting up to, she’s really worried about her.

Charlie drops Casey home after the incident in the car. Furious, she tells Brax to keep Casey away from her daughter. Charlie talks to Ruby, trying to understand why she keeps behaving so recklessly. Ruby throws Charlie’s concern back in her face, saying it’s nothing Charlie hasn’t done in the past. Brax later comes to see Charlie to convince her that Casey’s not a bad lad and maybe he and Ruby would be a good match.

Xavier is horrified about his punishment. He tries to persuade John not to let Gina sell the car. John starts to reconsider and thinks maybe Gina should find a different form of punishment.

Casey drops out of the science competition, telling Miles that he can’t go against his family in light of Miles pressing charges against Heath. Miles decides that Casey’s education is more important and decides to drop the charges.

Indi bumps into Ruby and tells her how worried she is about her. Ruby, frustrated and jealous of everything Indi has, snaps. As Romeo looks on, Ruby drops a bombshell.

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