Ruby takes a risk to protect Xavier

Freya shocks everyone by going topless on the beach and Xavier’s furious when she puts illegal drugs in his school bag. Ruby finds out and, wanting to help Xavier, takes them. But Charlie catches Ruby with the drugs, and Ruby says she ‘found’ them. Xavier can’t believe how much worse Ruby has made things for him.

Belle is trying to make up for her drug-induced lateness by finding a front page story. Charlie tells her about the drugs at school and Belle immediately suspects Freya. Freya says that if Belle goes to the cops, she’ll tell them Belle is her best customer. Belle is unperturbed – as far as the cops are concerned, Belle bought the drugs for the story. Freya is thrown and Belle is smug. On a high, Belle promises Aden she is going to do something about her mood swings. Will she stop taking drugs?

Ruby finds Xavier in the bait shop dinghy and tries to explain why she did what she did. Suddenly Freya boards the boat and starts up the motor. She drives them into the darkness, going faster and faster until she hits something. When Xavier realises what they’ve hit, he’s distraught: it’s Hugo’s boat. If they’ve hit his boat, where’s Hugo?

*Showing on RTE One, Tuesday March 10*

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