Ruby targets Romeo

Romeo is cooking a special dinner for Indi, who turns up very late and still drunk from the uni party. Romeo finds himself looking after a passed-out Indi – not exactly the evening he was planning. As he looks after her, Ruby comes to visit and decides to help him finish off the meal he made. The night progresses and as Ruby goes, she leaves Romeo with a kiss on the lips.

April and Xavier seem to be back on track, though Xavier is still sensing something is wrong. Deciding to open up a little bit, April reveals she’s planning to perform some radical act of environmental protest and Xavier becomes determined to get involved. But when Xavier contacts her father’s assistant, April snaps at him. Finally, April allows Xavier to help her and she reveals that she has stolen some chemicals from high school.

Sid and Marilyn, in light of their recent argument with Nicole, are feeling very uncertain about the future. When they confront Nicole, they discuss her concerns and their fears. She keeps changing her mind, and it’s starting to make things impossible. After much consideration, Nicole agrees to draw up a contract with Marilyn and Sid.

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