Ruby tells Liam the truth

Ruby rushes to make up an excuse after Liam overhears her telling Nicole she can’t stop thinking about him. Liam is clearly concerned and Nicole promises to explain everything to him later. When she catches up with Liam, Nicole lies and tells him that Ruby meant she couldn’t stop thinking about his songs, because she doesn’t like them. She just couldn’t find a way to tell him. Liam feels terrible that Ruby doesn’t like any of his songs, while Nicole just feels terrible.

Liam approaches Ruby to straighten things out and is blown away when she confesses that everything Nicole said was a lie, to cover that she has a crush on him. Ruby and Liam make a deal – they’ll keep singing together and Ruby will keep things professional, but the second Liam thinks it’s getting out of hand, they’ll stop. Liam is satisfied but Ruby’s smile reveals it’s more than a professional relationship for her.

Irene presses Jill to consider an AA meeting, since she’s decided to turn her life around. Jill changes the subject when Romeo arrives. She doesn’t want to get his hopes up. But Romeo is quick to spot the AA card that Irene gave Jill and is thrilled.

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