Ruby rushes to the bathroom with nerves – will she actually get on stage? Xavier begs Liam not to let Ruby make a fool of herself. Ruby goes on stage but is paralysed by stage fright. Liam joins her with his guitar and she gives a great performance.

Romeo tells Annie she looks gorgeous just as she’s about to go on. They get lots of laughs and for a moment, forget their worries. But during an emotional scene, Romeo’s character asks Annie’s character if they shall ever meet again. Annie sheds a tear. At the end, Romeo finally asks Annie if she’s going back to Japan. She says yes, she’s leaving tomorrow. Romance has ended in tragedy.

Rabbit asks Miles for a game of chess and he wonders again if she’s real. He asks her to leave, but then regrets it and calls out for her. Irene and Alf agree that Miles didn’t look himself. Elijah tells Leah that Miles has been suspended, and he tells her about Rabbit. Miles announces that Rabbit sometimes tells him the future, and she’s warned Elijah and Leah to stay away from cows or horses, and school kids. Rabbit’s premonitions have a habit of coming true.

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