Liam’ss revealed to Ruby that the record company are only interested in him, and Ruby once again takes comfort in drink. She downs the vodka that Penn gave her and Nicole finds her, hammered, on the beach. She takes Ruby to Liam’s. He’s horrified at the state she’s in.

Marilyn’s bezzie Mitzy has arrived in the bay. The two met during Marilyn’s struggle with cancer and Mitzy helped her deal with the loss of her son Byron. Mitzy claims to be a psychic and has had a bleak vision of Marilyn’s death. This however, does not go down well with medicine man Sid who dismisses Mitzy as a fake. He is outraged when Marilyn asks him and not Mitzy to leave after a disagreement about her ‘end date’. Indi tells Sid to sort things out with Marilyn before he ruins another relationship.

Indi and Romeo’s first night together looms and Romeo begins to wonder if they’re the doing right thing. He seeks advice from Mitzy, but her cryptic answer isn’t much help.

Bianca is annoyed when she loses her phone, and after hearing an innocent comment in the diner from Coleen, she becomes convinced Liam has it. However Liam denies it and isn’t too impressed at the accusation.

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