*First episode*

It looks like Kerry’s match-making has failed, when heartbroken Ruby packs her bags and announces she is leaving Ali and the village for good! Ali’s young daughter Amelia is crushed. But it seems all is lost, with Ruby not ready to forgive Ali’s betrayal. Is there anything Ali can do to convince Ruby to stay?

Meanwhile, Moira’s worst fears come true, as Cain puts a plan into action to shut down blackmailer Maxine for good. After kidnapping Maxine, he drags the villainous woman off towards the container site where he plans to lock her up. No one messes with his family and gets away with it! But how far will bad boy Cain go to get rid of the nasty trouble-maker?

And Jimmy is still risking his marriage to Nicola by keeping in touch with Juliette and sperm donor baby Carl. Jimmy can’t resist a cuddle with his son, when Juliette dumps the baby on him, desperate for some sleep. But is Jimmy close to being caught in the act by Nicola and how will he explain his betrayal?