Ruby tells Geoff she’s found a photo of her father – Grant Bledcoe – and wants to contact him. Xavier is frustrated that Ruby’s ignoring him and thinks something’s going on between her and Geoff. Ruby talks to Charlie about contacting her father and Charlie’s against it. Ruby asks Jai to set up a false social networking site and lies to Charlie, saying she won’t get in touch with Grant.

Nicole discovers Aden has moved out of the house. She reveals her fears to Sid who downplays them, worried that Nicole is becoming increasingly attracted to him. Sid ends up helping Aden, fixing his hand. Nicole hears about this and thinks it’s a sign that Sid likes her. She thanks him and admits she likes him, but he pushes her away.

Morag says the staff at the nursing home requested she stay away so Ross can get settled. Irene goes back to work after Belle’s death and finds it a struggle. She gets the trawler transferred to her and asks Geoff if he and Morag can go down to the wharf and handle the paperwork. Geoff and Morag discover Aden sleeping on the trawler. Morag and Nicole are worried about Aden so Morag decides to move in with him.

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