Ruby’s branded a bigot!

It’s surely time for Ruby to start questioning her political views when she finds herself agreeing with the likes of troublemaker Kyle Stack (George Sampson). Yet she is inexplicably quick to take the side of Kyle and Martin Dowling when she sees the pair taunting new Polish caretaker Lukas Wisniewski about his right to work in the country.

Chris, for one, is surprised at Ruby, and equally puzzled that Martin is involved in the sorry episode – until it becomes apparent that that the usually intelligent pupil is parroting his father’s right-wing opinions in order to gain approval. Either way, there are serious consequences when Martin and Kyle step up their hate campaign, with poor Lukas pushed to breaking point and Ruby shunned by what seems like the whole school.

Elsewhere, Ronan is feeling self-satisfied about his scheme to sell stolen exam papers to his peers. However, he has underestimated the resourcefulness of the wily Janeece, whose cunning plan is set to stop him in his tracks.

Meanwhile, Cesca’s relationship with Jonah escalates, and Bex’s continued attempts to return to normality are once again thwarted by the appearance of the ever-persistent Hodge.