Ruby’s caught red-handed!

Morag comes to Ruby’s aid when she’s caught with the marijuana in her bag, and it’s soon clear that Steve set her up. But can she prove her innocence, especially as it’s Steve’s word against hers? Bemused that Leah’s not getting involved, Brax decides to intervene and turns up in Steve’s room with the intention of intimidating him.

Romeo pulls out of the surfing competition and stays behind to comfort Ruby. Indi’s glad that Romeo’s avoided getting involved in the drugs drama but is concerned that, once again, he’s dropped everything for Ruby. Meanwhile, Logan is back on the scene and, seeing his opportunity, suggests Indi try him if her husband isn’t putting her first.

After learning of Harvey’s ex-wife, Marilyn worries that Roo’s moving too fast in her relationship with him. Meanwhile, Mel enquires about Harvey’s new girlfriend, and Harvey has a reunion with his daughter, Lottie, but receives a cold reception in return for his absent parenting. Later, Harvey finally tells Roo about his ex-wife and teenage daughter, news that leaves Roo reeling…