Ruby’s humiliated

Ruby is completely humiliated when a viral video about her and Casey starts doing the rounds at school. Charlie is worried about her and is trying to be a good mother. When she finds out about the video, decides the most helpful thing she can do is to get to the bottom of who made it, despite the fact that Ruby has asked her not to. When Charlie shows up at school, Gina is left with no choice but to deal with it.

Casey is hurt from being rejected by Ruby and decides to try and mend his relationship with her by seeking out the people who’ve made her so unhappy. When Casey confronts Romeo, his frustration gets the better of him. Casey later goes to apologise to Ruby.

Dex and April are discussing Ruby’s predicament and decide to do a blog on the subject. Though April is concerned with being on camera, Dex convinces her to help anyway. The Blog becomes quite a hit, but when Ruby finds out about it she tells Dex to get rid of it. Can anything be done to help Ruby?

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