Ruby has trouble adjusting to the idea of living with Bianca, the woman she thinks Liam is interested in. When she sees Liam in the Diner, she leaves. Liam bumps into her later, and she accuses him of being interested in Bianca. He denies it. Bianca sees Liam comforting Ruby and tells him he’s being reckless. She threatens to tell Gina.

Gina is angry with John. Now that Bianca and Ruby have left, Xavier’s never at home. John tries to fix things with Xavier, but he blames John for April moving out and won’t reason with him. John asks what he can do in exchange for Xavier keeping the peace. Xavier promises a ceasefire on the condition he’ll call in a favour at a later date. John agrees, but will he live to regret it?

Nicole tells Penn that she no longer wants things to be casual between them – she thought that was what she needed after Aden, but she’s realised she was wrong. Marilyn tries to talk to her, but Nicole isn’t interested. She tells Marilyn that Penn said Sid was lying. Annoyed, Sid and Miles confront Penn, but he denies everything. Miles kicks Penn out of the Caravan Park. Penn reacts by lashing out at Nicole.

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