Ruby has moved to the city to escape the sorrow of Charlie’s death. But much to Morag’s disapproval, she’s partying hard instead of dealing with her grief. Casey comes to visit her and Ruby comes to a grim realisation – she blames him for Charlie’s death. She sees no other path but to break up with him.

Brax is questioned over some stolen goods and realises that it was Geoffrey King who tipped off the police. He takes Constable Watson to the storage facility to try and catch Geoffrey red-handed. However, when they arrive the warehouse is empty and it appears that Geoffrey has done a runner.

Leah focuses her energy into helping Brax deal with the loss of Charlie, and in doing so faces criticism from Colleen and Elijah. Leah turns up at Angelo’s to discover a drunk and despairing Brax attempting to set fire to the bar.

He thinks it’ll solve his problems with Geoffrey. Leah talks him round, takes him home and decides to spend the night and look after her friend. Meanwhile back at home, Ruby turns up announcing she’s moving back to Summer Bay.