Ruby’s party is a night to remember

Ruby and Xavier think Ruby’s 16th birthday party is the ideal occasion for them to sleep together. It’s a big step for Ruby, who is still a virgin. Ruby has told Charlie about her plans and they argue: Charlie wants Ruby to wait.

Angelo is concerned that Charlie has fallen out with her sister and suggests she lets Ruby trust her instincts. But Ruby soon learns that Xavier told his mates about the plan and calls it off. The night seems set to be a disaster… until Xavier tells Ruby that he loves her.

Jai and Annie get tipsy on the spiked party punch. Jai, already envious of Xavier and Ruby embarking on a sexual relationship, asks Annie when she’s likely to want to take the step. She’s upset and breaks up with him.

Meanwhile, Charlie and Angelo realise they still have feelings for each other, and both try to fight it. Charlie, thinking Ruby has slept with Xavier, feels bad and doesn’t want to spend the night alone.

When she realises Angelo went home early from a date with May, she finds herself calling round to see him. After a few awkward moments, Charlie and Angelo are in each other’s arm and their clothes are coming off.

*Showing on RTE One, Tuesday July 21*

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