Cookery teacher Ruby is again the staff member giving Rachel a headache. Ruby makes a bid to impress by organising a clothes-swap, where students can bring in gear they don’t want to wear and swap it for items they do want. But, still desperate for money, Ruby takes all the best clothes to sell online. Naughty, naughty; report to Head Teacher Rachel.

After a shaky start, Head of English Tom has embraced fatherhood and is planning a birthday party for his newfound son Josh. And Josh seems to know just who he wants for his birthday: Lauren. She enjoys flirting with Josh, but shuts down when the whole school sees the large birthmark she has on her back. Looks mean everything to Lauren and now she feels humiliated. Desperate to destroy the mark, she steals bleach from the science lab…

New chef Adam has cooked up a recipe for success: sit-down lunches where students and staff socialise over a good meal. But he has also whipped up some resentment and Rachel needs to talk to him about it. Thanks to mischievous Finn, she gets to do that when the boy locks her in a storeroom with Adam.

Meanwhile, Steph’s head is turned by smooth-talking Oliver (John McArdle – Brookside, Merseybeat). But will she spoil things by drinking him under the table?