Ruby’s revelation shocks her friends

Romeo is stunned at Ruby’s revelation that she’s pregnant and it’s not long before Roo and Alf find out, too. Alf’s a little suspicious that it’s happening at a difficult time in their relationship and, though Roo is shocked, she tells Alf to stay out of it. Romeo doesn’t take the news well and seems to be keeping his own counsel, though he stands by Ruby and the couple move out of the house to a caravan in the nearby trailer park. Meanwhile, Indi decides to tell Romeo that she’s still in love with him until Marilyn lets it slip that Ruby’s pregnant and Indi’s left heartbroken.

Heath is unsettled by Bianca’s behaviour and Sid is also concerned, particularly when she insists her baby died at birth and that everyone is lying to her. Sid believes she has post-natal psychosis and warns Heath to tread lightly but not to fuel her belief. Then when Heath tries to explain to her that the baby is fine, Bianca loses it and tells him to leave.

And Dex is jealous that April seems to be more concerned about Heath’s wellbeing than his and wants to be there for him in his time of need. When Dex tries to get closer to her she shuts him out, leaving him even more insecure.