Brendan has invited Ruby Leeds over for dinner, so that she can meet Martha, Hugo and Xavier. Ruby announces that Brendan wants to move into the community house with her. While everyone likes Ruby, Hugo feels sure that Gina won’t approve. Martha suggests that they break the news gradually to Gina. However, Gina arrives back home early and is determined that as his mother she is the right person to care for her son.

Geoff’s finding that his attraction to Ruby Buckton is growing and it’s beginning to consume him. Geoff’s forced to come clean about his feelings for Ruby at work. Aden has empathy for his situation, having been in a love triangle of his own with Belle and Liam. Aden gives Geoff some advice – either let what he feels for Ruby go, or find out if she feels the same way about him.

Meanwhile, Ruby is struggling with her feelings for Geoff. She still cares for Xavier, and she also has so many other things going on. The hunt to find Grant’s killer is weighing her down. But it’s Geoff, not Xavier, that Ruby finds herself leaning on for comfort. When Ruby sees Geoff react jealously when he notices her with Xavier, it’s clear that decision time is near.

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