Esther decides she wants to get into fashion and starts customising Frankie’s old clothes. However, her enthusiasm is stunted when Ruby makes a snide comment about her style.

Brendan stews over the decision whether to go to Disney with Ste. He wants to spend time with him so ends up promising him he’ll be coming. But just as we think he is going ahead with it, he heads off to Blackpool with Declan. Ste is devastated but takes his kids to Disney anyway.

Nancy is over the moon when she gets a call from the Chester Herald about a job they have coming up as News Reporter. She is excited about her impending interview but manages to rub Ruby up the wrong way when she interrupts Ruby’s tutor session with Pete.

Also; Lee is jealous when he sees Dodger giving Amy driving lessons and is mortified to see the pair getting closer. He decides to buy Amy an old car but she’s ungrateful. In her desperation, Amy turns to Dodger for a fake licence.