Tony’s nephews Hugo and Xavier arrive in Summer Bay and stay with Tony. Ruby still fancies Xavier, and when he mentions that his last girlfriend was wild, Ruby steals a bottle of champagne from Tony’s fridge, and the pair are sharing a tipsy kiss when Tony, Rachel and Hugo arrive. Tony’s upset they drank the champagne – he bought it for Jack’s 21st. Hugo decides they should move out and rent a caravan. Will looking after Xavier be even more difficult than he thought?

Miles is continually frustrated by Melody’s disobedience. After a chat with Rachel he thinks he has the answer: Melody’s mother showed her love through strict discipline. Miles realises that Melody misbehaves because, when he disapproves, it proves he cares about her, so he decides to change tack.

But Jai is fed up with Melody and accuses her of abusing Miles’s good nature. When Miles explains his theory to Melody she is thrown. It horrifies her that her mother has conditioned her to need to be treated a certain way to feel loved. When dawn breaks, Melody slips quietly out of the door…

Also, Belle’s excited when the editor of Coastal News offers her a job as features writer. She accepts – but can she handle the pressure?

*Showing on RTE One, Friday February 20*

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