Ructions among the River Boys

Brax is surprised when Morag comes to Angelo’s and starts asking a lot of questions about him. Unsure of her motivation, Brax is friendly but he soon realises that Morag knows a lot more about his relationship with Charlie than he would expect. Morag leaves Charlie with a warning about Brax.

Heath, meanwhile, is increasingly unimpressed with Brax’s choices. Certain Brax’s commitment to the River Boys is waning, Heath offers himself as the new leader. Brax laughs off the idea. Later, Brax is annoyed to find Casey with the River Boys and tells him to go home to study. Heath questions Brax’s authority but he’s shut down.

Xavier has to deal with the consequences of his actions, in the aftermath of the accident. John scolds him over his immature behaviour and Xavier tells him to back off. But when Summer’s dad attacks Xavier in the hospital for putting his daughter’s life at risk, it’s John that steps in to defend Xavier – a gesture that gets Xavier and John back on track.

Xavier goes to see Brax, who drops a bombshell – he’s fired and has to replace the scooter. John agrees to cover the scooter and offers Xavier advice about Dex and April. Forgiveness is the best revenge.